Vital-CBD™ Honey Sticks

EdibleCBD Honey Sticks are one of our most popular products. We have synergistically formulated natural healing properties of two super-foods; 1) US grade-1 raw honey 2) Industrial Hemp-derived CBD to create a highest quality health supplement. Hemp Extracts contain non-psychoactive CBD with neural enhancing effects. While honey delivers antioxidants and anti-inflammation qualities, CBD delivers neuro-enhancing properties.

Honeysticks is a better way to deliver the health enhancing benefits of CBD for children. We believe everyone deserves to benefit from the amazing healing powers of this blessed plant. Enjoy the taste of raw honey and an earthy hint of the hemp extracts, just so you know they are there!

CBD HoneySticks are one of our edible products with a pleasant tasting and rejuvenating US Grade 1 honey infused with CBD. Specifically formulated for people to reduce stress and channelize your brain functions to super focus on tasks for increasing productivity.

Best suited for:

  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Increased brain and cognitive focus
  • Migrane relief
  • Inflammatory pain relief
  • Neuropathic pain relief
  • Increased attention to details