Vital-CBD™ Capsules

There are several products claiming to have health benefits of CBD with 10 or 20mg capsule. However, without taking into account of the xenobiotic metabolism, microbial enteric activity and bioavailability of CBD, they are just selling ineffective products.

Cannabinoid receptors are highly expressed on enteric nerves and throughout the intestinal mucosa on enteroendocrine cells (CB1), immune cells (CB1 and CB2) and enterocytes (CB1 and CB2). Further GI tract is the primary site where the CBD is mainly absorbed into the systemic circulation for central and peripheral nervous system functions.

 Enteric absorption rates of CBD science

  • We have used an acid-resistant enteric coated vegetal capsule to prevent the acid-mediated degradation of CBD in stomach and intestine
  • Our novel double-core packaging (capsule-in-a-capsule) of actives prevents unwanted leaching of actives in untargeted areas and aid in sustained controlled release to receptor-rich area for better physiological action
  •   Our CBD is in nanocrystalline format for faster absorption through the intestinal villi
  •   Our formulation contains CBDBioEnhancerTM (piperine+quercetin) with CBD which reduces the first-pass liver degradation of metabolism CBD and significantly enhance effective dose available for absorption
  •   We used a prebiotic-inulin capsule filler for enhancing beneficial microbial growth so to reduce deleterious effects of enteric microbial metabolic loss of CBD

Best suited for:

  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Increased brain and cognitive focus
  • Migrane relief
  • Inflammatory pain relief
  • Neuropathic pain relief
  • Increased attention to details

VitalCBD High Strength Capsules: Our enteric coated capsules has 1000 times higher bioavailability than CBD taken alone